Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 19 - October 2014


It is hard to believe, but this is very true, that we have entered a period of III World War. Will we ever learn what the consequences of war are? Do we have to force war upon every generation, upon every person living on this planet, as if this planet had to be for ever associated with war? Do we know any other language than the language of war? Our species continuing history of war seems to be unstoppable; it spills over to our present and threatens to lead us far into the future. Are we capable of living in peace?

There is no doubt that some of us are not developed enough to appreciate the gifts of peace and understanding. This is an unfortunate truth about many leaders in today’s world. On top of the problems with climate change getting out of hand and causing irreversible calamities, some political and religious leaders have now appeared who are displaying a kindergarten level of thinking in dealing with international and religious issues. Unfortunately they do not play with plastic guns — they have led to and started a third world war.

We have found ourselves in a crisis of unfathomable dimension. As a civilisation we are at a breaking point; we are destroying ourselves and our planet. There must be a way to stop this utter nonsense. Why the UN is powerless in this situation? Why there is no agency in the world responsible for keeping peace on the planet? Do we not deserve to live in peace? Have we given up and allowed the underdeveloped minds to take over? Or perhaps we are being ruled by the military industry? The latter must be the truth also. In this cynical world someone must benefit from the war. Media find they have something important to report, so the war propaganda is blasted 24/7. At the same time hundreds of thousands of people flee war zones and hostile governments in order to protect themselves and their families from unimaginable suffering or death.

Where are the real leaders of this civilisation? Where are the people who can bring peace and long lasting stability to this planet? There is an urgent need to come forward and take over management of this ship, which is now evidently going under. If something radical cannot happen now, we all will be doomed, because the forecast is more of the same, meaning going down the spiral of disasters.

The planet is populated with over seven billion people, who want to live in peace, and all these people have been led to believe that they have to witness and suffer war perpetrated by a minute portion of population. The aggressive ones impose their agenda on peace-loving benevolent people. The balance of power lies where the majority is, but the majority does not believe yet of its power.

We need a new global, citizen-created and endorsed power to overcome the current economic system, which has been held in place by the financial elite of the world. The elite will not change this system by themselves, because they are its supporters and the system is doing the job it has been designed to do. The financial power and the resulting covert power to influence decision-makers in terms of economy and future resource development must be wrenched from the elite. Earth belongs to all Her citizens and there are plenty of us who want to be stewards of the planet (not the so-called “masters”, who pillage and rape Her). Why shouldn’t we allow seven billion of stewards to take care of the planet Earth? In fact people yearn to do just that. They have thought deeply about this crisis and created millions of technical, agricultural, engineering, electronic and other solutions. We have the solutions and we are sick of the propaganda, bad news, crisis after crisis; we know very well how to create a peaceful life for our families and our communities. Why then should we accept lies about war, about any war? Peace is what people want and can create.

Let us stop the naked Caesar from pretending — now the wellbeing of our entire civilisation is at stake. We have to create a peaceful world for our children and their children. We can definitely do it.

Danuta Nowak