Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 8 - October 2008


The answer to this question is rather obvious.But how have we arrived at the situation where thousands of small children become a target of greed? This seems to be the last call to shake up our belief in and our worship of the financial markets as our ultimate economic ruler and benefactor.

It is interesting how often our leaders refer to market economy as the force that has its own dynamic and some even believe in what they are saying. Moreover, the majority of people living on the planet today have probably accepted this notion as well. The question is then, why some people continually benefit from this presumed "independent force" and become increasingly wealthy, and others become poorer and poorer? Why economy, this indispensable pillar of societal functioning, is so skewed? Why does it work for some people and is so disastrous for others? The answer to this question lies in the fact that some people, who are driving this economy, can always find ways to outsmart others and increase their own personal wealth, hence, for example, the recent catastrophic discovery of China's milk contamination (although one would question the intelligence of people behind this abominable swindle). They are many other examples of personal and corporate greed and the demise of many financial institutions in the western world in the past and in recent years. The depression of the early 1930s and the currently pending global recession are the biggest examples of irresponsible use of the "independent force" that is the financial markets.

The majority of people on the globe are not the drivers but the recipients of rough justice, exercised over them by the drivers of the market economy. And today, ironically, the US government intends to use money from the public purse to help the greedy speculators to get on their feet again and to commit more financial swindles. The last century saw the increase of financial power of international corporations to the catastrophic point we found ourselves in today. It is clear that this so called "independent" market economy is a tool for speculators and not a platform for ordinary citizens, who have the same physical, educational and family needs as the so called "million dollar winners".

Human nature and human weaknesses are ingrained in people to such a degree that no one should remain under the illusion that "markets will automatically straighten" difficult situations. And as it happens now in America, the public purse must pay to bail out the swindles, so the poor man will continue his/her life in misery and will not be able to afford to go to the doctor or to the dentist, because now the public funds are directed to rescue the well-off speculators and cheats, who most likely will retain their luxury houses, cars and other VIP privileges. In other words, nothing has changed and we are in the business as usual.

The current situation in the financial markets gives the clearest proof yet that the concept and rules of economy were initially ill conceived and are not suitable for this civilisation as a whole. In the past, other economic models, tried in various countries (such as communism), failed. It appeared that the currently practiced western market economy is the only solution for global needs. But this "only solution", similarly to other models,doesn't work for the poor and occasionally even for those who are rich, who from time to time, in the dishonest pursuit of more wealth, fail and can be stripped of all assets.

Any person, who uses the current financial system to his or her personal advantage needs to possess only an ounce of honesty to admit that the system is benefiting the so called "winners" and punishes the "losers", that is the bulk of humanity. If in addition to an ounce of honesty a person is endowed with an ounce of capability to reflect, it will not be too difficult for them to come to an understanding that getting richer at the expense of defenceless masses of people cannot go unpunished for ever. There is something formidable about the masses of people pushed to the limits of their patience.

In the ideal, spiritually inspired world, people care for others, love their neighbours and participate in the global betterment of all. People work towards creating equal opportunities for self-development of all citizens and they know that no one, who does not care for others, can progress on the spiritual path of their lives. And although spiritual dimension of life is not noticed by many people, especially by the wealthy who are living on the globe today, spiritual development is the GOAL and the JOURNEY, we came here for, and not a personal wealth for the sake of personal wealth.

It is true that we do not live in an ideal world, but it is also true that the economic failures, ecological disasters,crimes against humanity and many other afflictions will be coming back again and again until we become ready to embrace the spirtual way of life. Peace and true satisfaction, harmony and human research in all cosmic and planetary matters (and definitely not for military purposes!), can only be achieved by humanity which is spiritually evolved. Through personal spiritual development we remove psychological blinkers, which keep us in ignorance of all things spiritual, and we also remove destructive features of our character. Without conducting such a developmental work on one's own psychology, we remain ignorant of the full spectrum of life's possibilities. Appreciation of and living in the SPIRIT is the only way to personal survival and long term planetary sustainabiltiy. And as difficult to achieve such a way of life seems to be, we should finally realise that there is no other way, which would secure our long term survival as the Earth's humanity.

So, what about the Chinese milk formula for their infants? In the current state of collective spiritual development in China and, indeed, everywhere else on the planet, we should expect more iniquities on this and even greater scale, to surface.

Danuta Nowak