Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 4 - October 2007


Who would like to start a new war? Do you feel we do not have enough misery, deaths and destruction in the world already? Who thinks that we as a global community are in a position to take more suffering on ourselves? Aren't we at a breaking point?

We have not been told yet, but president Bush Junior and his current allies are contemplating exactly that - a new war; the "rough" states must be punished for "disobedience", as they say. Why? Because they do not wish to contribute to the American interest's strategies in their regions.

As a new American base is being built next to the border with Iran and war plans are being finalised, we, the un-consulted citizens of the world, are just watching the situation unfold. What can we do otherwise? The elections in the USA will be held in 13 months. A lot of damage can be done in that period of time, and if the destructive forces in the American politics are not stopped, the entire world will suffer much more than we do today.

I wonder what kind of "religion" is driving the Bush administration hysteria to attack the "axis of evil" (as defined by them) states. It certainly is not the religion of God. God is not about war. Eternally God is about peace; that means that this has always been the case and it will always be the case. So what is driving the so called "leaders" of the world to starting another war?

Some people may say that God has left the White House and gone on a vacation. But if we are serious about the issue of spiritual meaning of life, we must accept that God never leaves us - it is us who leave God and God's ways. The religious sphere of life is as full of hypocrisy as a political dimension. And this is true of any government, any country or community. If we are God-loving people, as everybody is rushing to declare, why do we endlessly hurt each other? If we cannot devise a peaceful living and peaceful coexistence with our neighbour, whether it is in Somalia, Iraq, Iran, China, or anywhere else, we have lost our way to God's peace. We are definitely not in the "zone."

So, let us wake up! Election of a new government is the best tool in the hands of people who love peace. Let us make sure that people whom we elect have respect for human values, human dignity and the long term sustainability of the entire world.

"We live in times of great change and great challenges. The state of the world has deteriorated to the point that a change will have to happen. It is absolutely essential now to focus on the outcome we desire and it also is absolutely essential to start acting now and implementing new solutions."

Danuta Nowak