Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 16 - July 2012


There is a lot of fear and confusion in the world today. It may be really hard to guess who has good ideas about our civilisation's future. How to discern what is the actual origin or intention of these ideas? Should we believe any of them? Which ideas will work and which will not work for us? Which scenario of the potential future for Earth and Her citizens should we choose? Are we in a position to choose?

A new world order, as hailed by the previous republican administrations in the USA, is an idea not fully understood and mostly feared by people. What new could be about this particular promise, when it is coming from the source of the most conservative thinking of our times? Moreover, the current system, which has failed so many ordinary people (many billions - to give it an appropriate order of magnitude), has been conceived and run by the same world elite for the last century or two (or perhaps longer?). And, as has been demonstrated again and again, the system benefited mainly those who got even richer and more powerful. So, obviously, the elite group would want to continue supporting what is best for them and disregard notions of miserable lives of other people - those who suffer from hunger and deprivation from life's basic necessities. (By the way, doesn't that sound like adhering to principles of life in the "dog eats dog" world?)

So, yes, we have some very smart minds working today on the best recipe for disaster for all people, with the notable exclusion of the current rich and powerful, lest they might lose the shine on their buttons. The most interesting thing is that many of these people believe that the ideas they are upholding are spiritual ideas passed on from generation to generation since the origins of life on Earth. There is no shortage of clandestine organisations claiming of having direct line to ancient sources of spiritual wisdom and even God. Unfortunately, such ignorant claims come from people who do not understand what genuine spirituality is and do not know that they themselves are not even close to be spiritual, in fact, most of them are the living examples of anti-theses of spiritual persons.

How can we tell that they are not spiritual persons? First of all, we should remind ourselves that ego does not play any role in the life of a spiritual person. Ego is eliminated by a spiritual seeker in the process of spiritual development. And this is why spiritually developed people care for others (not for themselves only); they have compassion for the sick and poor and "love their neighbour" as taught by our Master Jesus. The conservatives demonstrated again and again that they have contempt for the lower classes, think of them and treat them not as equals but as second class citizens - uneducated masses, which require careful managing, as for example: a fighter bull requires careful managing, so it will not become enraged and uncontrollable. In simple terms the strategy is of containment rather than of inclusion, social equality and good prosperous future for all humanity. This is not a conduct and intention of a spiritually developed person or a group of people. In fact many of them are deeply conscious of the real positions they take and do this intentionally. There are of course those people who serve the elite and who are less perceptive, so we might say, they still live in the "dark" and because of that they may have a chance of redemption.

Let us realise that servitude has not been eliminated from the current global economic model, as some would want us to believe. The current model perpetuates a system of unconscious bondage of the majority of people in the world, in which the rich and powerful play the role of masters. The masters need the masses to make goods, to sell goods and to buy goods. In this economic model, the elite benefits due to the fact that it provides investment capital into an economic activity. With the passage of time, the investments are augmented with profits and investors look for another venture to invest their money. If the financial venture collapses, the investors are hardly sympathetic to the fate of the workers who lose their jobs; they just "wash their hands" from any responsibility for the plight of the people (including their spouses and children), who lost their employment, leaving the problem to be rectified by governments.

Why the reality of this status quo is being hidden from everyday awareness of the general public? As pointed out in the past by a number of brilliant and acutely aware people1, underneath most of events there is a big machinery of manufacturing consent; at the very bottom of the so-called truths there is always an intention of manipulation, as if we were some puppets and the elite was manipulating us - always to take an advantage. So it is with the modern day oppression, i.e., the current economic paradigm. The true nature of the system is being kept hidden from the awareness of an average citizen; some members of the elite may even say that "reality is too difficult to comprehend by the masses".

Not only this system is aggressive in relation to ordinary people - it also is blind in terms of its long term direction, how it shapes the fate of civilisation and lives of billions of people. With this market-oriented economy man has attacked and destroyed natural resources and countless natural ecosystems, which underlie basic amenities necessary for human and ecological survival and continuing of life on the planet. There has been no single organisation on the planet which would oversee this entire economic process with a view to surviving and leading a sustainable life in the past, present and into the future. In this current paradigm, the rich and powerful are only interested in continuing their modus operandi, because they have done it in the past and it served them well. They are in denial when it comes to environmental destruction of their own making; in fact, admitting that they have been wrong all along does not suit their powerful egos (remember ego thinks that it is always right!). Most of them think that they are the humanity's benefactors! An average citizen is too disempowered to change this system; it usually follows the trend and looks for any opportunity to have work and to look after his or her family. And the third player - governments - love power and strong economy, and since playing against the major financiers is too risky for the overall economic stability under their "watch", governments tread very carefully here. As a result, the needed legislative reforms to change environmental requirements and to practically implement them have been very slow in coming. In fact, environmentalists all over the world cannot contain their frustration about the lack of progress on the majority of environmental issues. The 2012 Rio de Janeiro conference is the latest example of the lack of political will to implement the needed changes. Such is the power of the elites!

The three players in the economic reality on the planet have very different goals: governments look at a three to four year re-election time frame, the rich and powerful are interested in the smooth and increasing flow of money, and all the others just try to fit in the economic paradigm provided for them. Each group commits the mistake of linear thinking; no one looks at the cyclic laws governing human activity, at the law "as you saw, so you shall reap", which is a spiritual law, but also the law of cause and effect and the basic economic law as well. It is really a basic law of life on the planet and it has been continually transgressed. Should we then be surprised with the outcomes?

It is obvious that a "holistic" or "cyclic" thinking by individuals, governments, financiers and anyone who plays a role in the current economic paradigm is in a very short supply. It seems to be too difficult for any player in the economic game to accept and feel responsibility for consequences of their actions. And although in the past decades we have made some small progress in the area of climate change and environmental protection - in the sphere of protection of the human capital not much has happened at all and the elite prefer to be in denial, as if the problem did not exist. Why do they not see that human capital cannot be treated in the same way as commodities, as things; we cannot leave people without providing appropriate life solutions for them - they are not buildings or machinery, they are not tonnes of steel or coal or wheat, to be purchased or sold. Ordinary people usually do not have the necessary capital to make their own way through this system! If their labour has been used for an economic activity, they should be continually employed to provide security for a decent life style their families deserve. We just simply cannot dump human beings to their own devices without offering suitable alternatives. How primitive this kind of attitude is? After serving this kind of treatment to our working class (including the middle class), why the elites are surprised when they see the increasing violence in the areas where the unemployed people live? How unintelligent is the position of the elites? This kind of linear thinking by the elites has been demonstrated time and time again. They are really quite brainless! Dumb and selfish!

We now come to the core of the problem, which is lack of compassion and even any humane feelings in the hearts of the elite. They demonstrated again and again that not only feelings do not come into matters concerning money and profits, but that they have no concept of taking a complete responsibility for their businesses. Like kindergarten children, who run away from any disaster of their own making, the rich and powerful abandon their unsuccessful ventures ('cut and run'), and do not take any responsibility for their own mistakes, because they can, because there are no laws forbidding such conduct. And all this happens because they are the rich and powerful; the law is different for the poor, as we all know.

The new world order as promoted by the elite would not be more successful on our planet, than communism has been. Both paradigms represent systems of oppression of an ordinary man. These systems would perhaps work ten thousand years ago and only for a while. A human being today is very intelligent and very responsive to spiritual vibrations of freedom and independence - more than the designers of the repression systems would give him credit for. And if they continue pursuing their agendas - they do it at their own peril! Recent developments in the Arab countries can serve as a best example of the raising human spirit and the people's verdict on tyranny.

The current free market economy has destroyed enough of our ecological and human capital. The linear thinking, which is behind this economical paradigm, will never change. We urgently need a new economic paradigm on Earth. The days of the current system are really over; the financial markets economy with its corporations, banks, private equities, all the lies and gross abuse of the individual citizen are over. The financial institutions do not provide basic services to the community, as it is expected of them; on the contrary, they have proved to excel in stealing money from ordinary citizens, in outsmarting each other by generating deceitful financial products and blaming everybody else for their pitfalls. The current day financial institutions demonstrate a mind frame of an acute EGOIST!

There must exist another way of making a living on the planet. We need to hear the voices of people who have progressed to another psychological stage - a stage above egoism. Let us look at people's usefulness to the global sustainability issues not in terms how rich or powerful these people are, but in terms how psychologically advanced they are. We need to change our value system from worshipping of money and power to recognising and giving the highest respect to psychological maturity, to the attitude of loving and caring about all Earth citizens, and not just those with money, because only then will we have a chance of seriously considering long term sustainability of civilisation, its resources and ecology.

We need to consider economic activities for all people living in all parts of the planet. We do not need more weapons - we need more agricultural support systems, machines, tools and manufacturing infrastructure, so that people can be empowered by producing food and simple goods by themselves. We need to strengthen education systems across the world to provide best possible opportunities for our next generations. We also need to coordinate job training with the availability of future potential employment for the young people. There is so much data collected about many facets of life; let's target these collections more meaningfully so that no young person coming to the workforce would have to face unemployment. Let us preserve our beautiful Nature, ecology and resources on Earth - we are the stewards of this planet. We have to rise to the challenge of introducing an integrated and caring system for all people. The NEW can only come from INFORMED CITIZENS, spiritual people who have integrated in themselves the notions of humane treatment of others, importance of community living, sharing and preserving the planetary resources and equal rights of all people to a decent life.


Man of today is being increasingly responsive to spiritual energies, which with time are becoming stronger on our planet. A time will come when there will be no slavery (conscious or unconscious) on Earth. There will only be free people who have different abilities, people with different IQs, EQs and SQs2, working collectively for the good of all. In this time, each talent of a person will be respected and developed according to the person's circumstances, because in a spiritual universe the value of every person is the same and all people are important for the workings of the Universe. People will understand that in a larger, cosmic scale (and also for their own good), they can only be successful as a collective, as an integrated and peaceful collective.

It is quite difficult to imagine such a peaceful world in our future. Our task is not to be discouraged by the past or present experiences, but to engage in a process of building this peaceful future we desire. The peaceful future can happen and will happen with the help of every individual - we need every individual to create a new paradigm on Earth.

Danuta Nowak

  • 1 Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Anita Roddick, E.F. Schumacher, Riane Eisler and others
  • 2 IQ - Intellectual quotient, EQ - Emotional quotient, SQ - Spiritual quotient