Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 7 - July 2008


Life in tumultuous times we live has become progressively more difficult in the last few decades. Even twenty years ago we lived in a relative prosperity compared to the ever diminishing quality of life worldwide today. And all this is happening despite the logical notions, some of us still hold, that looking at the situation from a historical point of view, we, as an entire humanity, are progressing forward in many areas, including economy, science and technology. There is definitely something missing in the logical notions we possess, because the events of the last decade clearly demonstrate that we are loosing the battle for prosperity and, in fact, the situation opposite to our hopes is descending on societies in almost all countries of the world.

We are being "bombarded" with natural catastrophes, which now happen in all corners of the world. At least in the area of climate change we can report with satisfaction, that burying the head in the sand, as some climate warming sceptics could get away with even last year, is not acceptable any longer. The petroleum and coal resources lobbyists have been finally defeated by the public opinion. But this does not change the fact that, with all current efforts to alleviate the problem, we still are probably twenty years behind the global warming emergency demands. We find it continually difficult to agree on various energy consumption reduction targets, because we hold on to a naive notion that the catastrophe will not happen to us.

Whereas ten years ago the green movement arguments painted a picture of a devastated future for our children in 40 or 50 years time, based on the reports that are reaching us today, we may rest assured that we ourselves will witness the worst. As the scientists are reporting on the acceleration in the melting of the Arctic ice, which in itself is a sign of a pending colossal catastrophie, we can also see that we have entered the downward spiral towards increasing misery of the world's population from the frequency and severity of natural disasters, shortage of food, rampant poverty, economic recession and the continuing unrest and wars.

Those people, who deeply understand the humanity's predicament today, can first of all see in the currently unfolding situation a big problem, but at the same time, also an opportunity for people to learn a lesson. And this lesson for the planetary community is to comprehend the spiritual destiny of man, because only as conscious spiritual beings, can people live in harmony with nature and with themselves. What we are witnessing today in the world is a result of a non-spiritual paradigm of life of this civilisation. And it does not matter that many people consider themselves religious. For as long as they fight economic, ethnic and religious wars, and promote killing, revenge and any other violent means to resolve conflicts, they prove that they are not spiritually developed, in the Cosmic sense, and such people will never be able to create peace for their communities and countries.

Luckily, there live today thousands of mature men and women who by now have become deeply spiritual and understand directly the essence of these writings. Unfortunately, the numbers of such people are not sufficient to counteract the influence of unscrupulous, power greedy individuas and nations who manipulate semiconscious masses of humanity and have created the dire situation we have found ourselves in.

Future sustainability, rebuilding of life conditions for the generations to come, can only be accomplished by us, the citizens of the planet Earth. We have been given this planet to organise our life and no one from the outside, no "knight on a white horse" will arrive here to do it for us. The Cosmic laws reflect the cause and effect relationship very well; they are also impartial - if we want peace, we have to create peace, if we want prosperity, we have to create prosperity. Those people who do not understand their own psyches and create the never ending problems such as violence, revenge and killings, are currently in bigger numbers than those who treasure peace. There is an urgent need to educate the world population about its own predicament, that is, the lack of or ill insight into man's spiritual destiny.

This lesson about the spiritual character and spiritual destiny of man has been repeated for us countless of times since antiquity. In every era, in every century, there lived here, on our planet, people who have made contact with their spiritual inner core during their lifetime. These people taught and wrote in their writings about the necessity of every individual person to mature to a stage of commencing a spiritual enquiry. The reason for this is that humanity is destined to operate on a higher evolutionary rung of being; people can find themselves living in Nirvana, but this can happen only when individuals personally earn the entry.

People, who write books about the non-existence of God and spiritual reality, belong to these groups of citizenry, who definitely consider themselves rational and unbiased in their thinking. Unfortunately they cannot envisage that their truth, which they so vehemently defend, is only showing a condition of their psychological state of regression. Spiritual destiny of man has been proven by countless individuals in the history of humanity. These individuals have left records of their findings. Later their experiences have been repeatedly confirmed to be true by countless other individuals, who happened to find themselves in the same psychological dimension as their spiritual predecessors. Moreover, information about the philosophy and practice of spiritual life abounds in our current age of information. it is therefore surprising, that there is no trace of rational evaluation of the overall picture of all human endeavours by those arrogant writers, who claim to be the atheists. They are just happy to write the nonsense that is coming to their minds, because "they have right to write what they want". And any serious and mature person would not pay much attention to such retrograde views was it not for the amount of confusion, writing of such negligent people, brings to the world. The atheism of today is more counterproductive in regards to future sustainability than at any other point in history. Billions more people live on Earth today than, say, 200 years ago, when the atheism took hold, and today more than ever people need constructive solutions and visions for the future, so they can actually get involved in creating that future. In its message and conclusions, atheism is destructive and very negative. The only winners of such messages are the arrogant egos of the atheist writers, but this will remain a mystery for them, as they obviously cannot comprehend the fact that their thinking, although over-intellectualised, has not depth and is very simplistic.

There also live and work other people who do not have much time for deeper theological and spiritual reflections, people who may claim to be atheists, but they work devotedly for the good of humanity. Such person was, for example, Professor Fred Hollows, whom we all remember for his humanitarian work in the field of eye surgery. Spiritually, he was much more developed than an average person on the street. And we must forgive him for his lack of spiritual insight and knowledge, because he demonstrated his spiritual credentials with his heart and his work for humanity.

'Mankind's material needs and mental distresses are inseparable from its spiritual outlook' said Paul Brunton in one of his treasured books he wrote in the 1940s and 1950s. His work showed again that knowledge of the appropriate and most suitable path for humanity's long term sustainability has existed since time immemorial, but today as usual we managed to stray into "NO THROUGH ROAD" of ignorance and arrogance

Danuta Nowak