Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 3 - July 2007


"We live in times of great change and great challenges. The state of the world has deteriorated to the point that a change will have to happen. It is absolutely essential now to focus on the outcome we desire and it also is absolutely essential to start acting now and implementing new solutions.

As a human collective we can manage our presence on the planet very successfully when we are clear about the roles, functions and processes that should take place here. Moreover, as we are parts of a larger collective, a larger and higher system of organisation, we should see ourselves as components of this system. What happens in the world today is completely counter productive to the harmoniously functioning planetary society. Human pride and a greed for power drives people to hurt others, to prove that others are inferior, incompetent, less cultured, and so on. This type of conduct is a manifestation of a condition of fragmentation of humanity. Those who can see it clearly realise the enormity of the task ahead.

We need to align our activities, so that we do not counteract and diminish each other's effectiveness, but support and enhance each other's actions. As we understand and experience home life daily, we have to come to realise that the planet Earth is our home as a collective species. Individually and collectively, we can build a harmonious, very prosperous, satisfying and peaceful life. But as in our individual homes, so in our mutual, collective home, we need to work hand in hand to achieve such outcomes.

It's easier said than done; everyone will agree on this point. In fact, it seems rather impossible to get people to change their ways. And perhaps for many people it is impossible. Some older people know, and often concede, they have failed to prevent the current situation. For many it all seems too much to handle. But there are also many people on Earth today who do not want to give up. For some, the battle for the future of this planet has not started yet; especially for the young - a lot is at stake.

Let us remember that we all have one purpose here on Earth and this is the harmonious development of the human family. Each member of this family, regardless of skin colour, social status, or education level, was born to fulfil his or her potential. Individually and collectively as a human race, we are progressing in the development of consciousness. Each passing era poses new challenges before us. And inevitably, every time, these challenges are very uncomfortable, because of our sedentary nature, because of the inertia built into our mindsets. But this time the challenge means the survival of the entire human race.

The enormity of the issue we are confronted with is forcing us to abandon our fragmented ways of thinking. We have to go beyond politics, factional fights, beyond 'you are wrong and I am right' attitudes - because no one group or person has the answer to all questions. Now we need to recognise the power of collective thinking and collective solution finding."

Danuta Nowak

  • Excerpts from Civilisation: Where Are You Going?