Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 9 - January 2009


Economic problems we face today prove again that the economic model humanity adopted in the last century is critically flawed. We perhaps could not see all the pitfalls one hundred years ago, at the turn of the twentieth century, but certainly from the time of the Great Depression we could not, and today cannot, claim ignorance of the problems associated with this economic model.

It appears that all this time we have been governed by a bunch of naive people, who obviously could not embrace all the potential consequences of this economic system. In my earlier work1 I questioned the credentials of the so-called 'world leaders', who allowed or even designed the inequality of life for the people, by whom they were elected. The world order seemed to be up side down, and today, in the economic crisis, which inevitably descended on us, we see again that indeed we live in a 'mad house'. If this was not enough, the outgoing president of the United States, who clearly speaks on behalf of people who benefit from this kind of a status quo, again tried to remind us that we should continue with the free market economy model! Aren't we lucky that he is the outgoing president?

The issue of transformation of national and world economies is the fundamental problem which humanity is facing today. We cannot, however, hope that by tinkering at the edges we will bring any significant improvement. Let the leaders of this civilisation show us that they actually understand the workings of the entire global economy. In terms of integrated systemic thinking no one can manage any system which is in parts vague, not really well defined, and the success of which depends on daily fluctuations of the feelings of the investors and brokers. Can anyone imagine the results of a civil engineering project to build a bridge, if parameters of the design were changing according to daily changes of the construction team's mood?

Our task is to build much more than some bridge; we need to build and sustain an entire civilisation on the planet Earth. So, it is time to stop the game. This is not a healthy game for humanity. It does not matter that many people became addicted to this game; many more people suffer excruciating pain because others have the luxury to play. So, it is time for a change and we must employ lateral thinking par excellence here. Difficult as it sounds, this task is not above humanity's ability to comprehend. In fact in many places around the world, people have already collectively organised their economic activities on the basis of cooperative transactions, which prove, particularly today, their resilience in the face of a global financial crisis, as they are designed to benefit the local community and are based on communal values.

What is very important at this point is the realisation that many people all over the world have suffered the consequences of this current inequitable model. The time has come for a serious adjustment TO ALLOW ORDINARY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ON THE GLOBE TO LIVE IN DIGNITY, to secure basic services for them such as health, education and employment. But as we know, the prevailing worry occupying the minds of economists today is lack of profits or inadequate profits, or not ever growing profits. This phenomenon of people's minds obsession with the growth of wealth most often obscures the facts that they have lives to live, that they have children to bring-up and that they have a responsibility for the welfare of the entire civilisation. Such people resemble 'sleepwalkers' or unconscious puppets, who cannot show any independence of thought, and thus, are unable to clearly see a bigger picture of life.

The problem we are facing on the planet today is not whether some companies will survive or not. Our problem is the survival of this entire civilisation. The 'sleepwalking' economists are an obvious problem, but first of all we should blame ourselves for allowing the situation to deteriorate to this point. We need to understand that economy is a tool, which we should design to serve us. It is not our role to serve the economy. The opposite is true. But such a perspective can only be acquired by a person who wakes up from the state of 'sleepwalking'.

We are born on this planet and through the first twenty or twenty five years of our lives we learn our parental and societal knowledge and wisdom. And although this process is a necessity for us, we also should know, that this is our time of indoctrination into 'sleepwalking'. The point I am making here is, that unless we wake up from that state of 'sleepwalking', we will just follow the leader, we will allow someone to take charge and use us as his/her puppet. All they will say is: 'Such is the system, you cannot change the system!'. And unscrupulous people or people who are 'sleepwalkers' themselves will do this without feeling any guilt or discomfort of their conscience.

In assessing problems brought up by the current economic disaster, there is probably no point in trying to find out who invented the current economic system, who skewed the system or who manipulated the system and still does. Let us go forward rather then backward. Let us comprehend that we have a civilisation to run and protect, that we have a responsibility for the welfare of all people, for their education, personal development, and decent life conditions in a relative comfort. It is not a responsibility of some government or an international organisation. It is our personal responsibility, and any adult who does not like such a notion of responsibility for all people on the planet obviously is in denial or prefers not to think about uncomfortable issues like that, thus demonstrating again that s/he is dreaming in a waking state, preferring someone else to take care of such complicated problems. People do not want to wake up to the fact, that governments do what people want them to do, so if we are not interested in real changes to the poverty situation anywhere on the globe, nothing will be done in this matter.

Let us also not forget the fundamental truth that we are all spiritual beings who are evolving, and no amount of material possessions will help us to evolve spiritually. The spiritual development is SPIRITUAL, it is about what kind of people we are becoming and what are our values. Let us comprehend that spiritual development of the Cosmos is a fact, and being a part of the Universe, we need to progress spiritually too. Our next destination in terms of the level of being is the state of unconditional love (a fully functioning heart chakra)2. This state was demonstrated by our Master Jesus Christ. This is the reason he was born here; he ushered a new era characterised in religious terms by 'a loving Father' as opposed to 'a punishing Father' (represented by the New Testament and the Old Testament). Our Master Jesus is our light into the future. He showed us very clearly where we are going and this is the meaning of his words that we can get to our Father only through him. As spiritual beings we will be uplifted to a new level of cosmic energies and will live our lives in the paradise of unconditional love. This is the prophesised a thousand year Golden Age for humanity.

We also should be cognisant of the fact that those people who cannot accept these concepts, reject them or just simply do nothing in order to attain to the level of unconditional love, will miss out! They will be repeating their lives in a karmic wheel sense somewhere else in the Universe, on a different planet, until their consciousness becomes ready to comprehend why aspiring to the attainment of the level of unconditional love is important. This is the essence of all prophecies regarding the times we are living in now. This knowledge, previously known only in esoteric circles, is being revealed now, at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, for all to hear. Such is the urgency of the times we live in.

The multifarious problems we are facing today prove that we need a new model for societal expression and sustainability of all life on this planet. Understanding of the depth of problems we are facing today requires a degree of detachment from the system of 'sleepwalking' people but also an understanding of the spiritual destiny of humankind. The spiritual destiny of humanity is bright; this is of course true if we can get there. The spiritual destiny will not be realised by 'sleepwalking' people. Our task today therefore is to change the direction in which we are going. We are here not to become more wealthy in a material sense, we are here not to 'grow the economy', as some people believe. We are here, first of all, to sustain human and all life on the planet and to grow spiritually.

Danuta Nowak