Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 20 - December 2014


For years I was dismayed how ridiculous the media’s economic talk around Christmas has been. We were all encouraged to spend, spend, spend, to “give economy a boost”. No one has ever mentioned any overall accounting of the planet’s resources – do we have any such a management tool? Or, in our folly, we allow ourselves to spend as if there was no tomorrow? Like little children — trusting in governments, the world’s institutions and governing systems, we expect that everything will be all right. Perhaps we were too naïve for too long, and life in political spheres turns out to be rather insidiously cynical (to the degree an average person could never imagine).


The bad news is that life in the future is not going to be all right on that planet, that we have been kept uninformed for as long as it was possible, that no one in particular is charged with the responsibility of managing conditions for future life on the planet, and if we do not do something about it ourselves, nothing different will happen from what we have had so far.

The good news is that it is never too late to do something about this problem. As a planetary society, ordinary people, not aligned with any government, financial institution, religion or interest group, we can demand a fundamental change in the direction this civilisation is taking. The planet Earth is our planet. We have innate right to be here, to be the stewards of this planet and to manage its resources. We need to put emphasis on humanity as a whole, on a human being, on our children and their children, on all living beings, plant and animals, ecosystems and landscapes, on mineral and all other natural resources, which have been taken for granted for too long. Because of us and all the living beings on the globe, the planet Earth is alive and we can proudly call Her our Mother Earth or Gaia, as many people before have said. Let us contemplate this stage of life, we all found ourselves at; let us consider ways our voices can be heard. Let us think of creative ways to let people, who represent the system of governing, know that we are not happy with the direction we have been following for quite some time.

Let us have a frugal Christmas. There is really not much left in the soil (meaning resources) anyway. Let us demonstrate our collective wisdom and restraint. Let us preserve life and ecological resources for the future. Earth is our garden; we need to make this garden even more beautiful and not empty and desolate.

There is something intrinsically wrong with the economy, which welfare improves with increased spending at Christmas. I do not need to explain this problem, I hope. Why do not we have an economy, which rewards frugality, savings, respect for nature and all living beings? This is certainly possible to happen! Why do not all the financial wizards, all these troops working in the financial towers of “success and money”, design something that would actually be good for the planet, all seven billion people and even themselves? This is absolutely possible! It only requires honesty and compassion for the underprivileged.


Danuta Nowak