Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 10 - April 2009


Our future is just around the corner. It is there waiting for us to create it. Our future is potentially bright. In this context 'potentially' means that it has not been created yet and we are the ones who are in a position to build it - this BRIGHT FUTURE of ours. Every day we make decisions and thus contribute to the creation of future for ourselves and all humanity. Generally people do not think about building the future in those terms, however, it is important for everyone to realise this, because a sustainable future can only be created consciously, through deliberate decisions. In the absence of deliberation we will also create future, but most likely in such a case it will be a future we will not like.

As we all know the history of humanity in the last five thousand years can be seen as the history of wars waged on our planet without any significant time relief from conflicts. It is time now to create a peaceful civilisation and it is our turn to do it. This seems to be an impossible task, nevertheless all peace loving people know that there is no other way to sustain life on the planet but through the creation of a peaceful civilisation. This is the only option we have. Unfortunately, many people living on the planet today continue to think, that only through a military conflict and wiping off the enemy, their version of justice can be achieved. There seem to be no end to accusations, assaults, hatred and revenge. The conflict in the Middle-East is the best example of how not to create current reality and the future for the generations to come.

If the situation in the Middle-East is a clear example of the worst outcomes of the unbridled and unconsciously used (or more precisely one should say: being used by) 'human nature', the need for us to wage personal battles with the human nature, we all were born into, is not so clear. We know that something is not right when we intend a certain outcome to happen, and then promptly we fall victims to our own faults, with the final outcome of our initial intentions not materialising. Experiences of this kind are common to all people and many (not all) adults become aware of such trickeries of fate throughout their lives.

I asked this question before: why cannot we achieve, have or do things we intend to have or do? Why there are always obstructions, 'logs' under our feet, unexpected turns of events? Why cannot we be reliable and efficient people building our futures and living our lives in a way we intend? And although there can be a number of different answers to such questions I would like to point to a predominant reason, which is our low level of psychological development.

Carl Gustav Jung posited that as human beings we are only aware of five percent of the content of our consciousness (total available psychological content of our psyches). The remaining 95% of the content of our psyches is unconscious. And because the only way for us to experience life is through the mediation of our psyches, the above ratio: 5% conscious and 95% unconscious decisions should be a reason for a great concern. In our busy lives we do not usually have much time to think about issues of that kind and the initial reaction to a suggestion that we are largely unconscious of our motives and that we live our lives unconsciously, would be an utter disbelief and most likely a lack of interest. And perhaps for many people such deliberations have no place in the scope of their thinking. Nevertheless, this issue should be taken very seriously by this current generation of people living on Earth. C. G. Jung said that we are not being threatened by some outside danger; he said that our greatest enemy is our own psyche.

The work of Jung was only understood by a small number of people during his lifetime (1875 - 1961). Today this situation is much improved and his contribution to humanity's development is acknowledged. The greatness of his work lies in the fact that he, being a western civilisation's medical doctor, actually discovered ageless wisdom of spiritual knowledge, which in the past was only available to students of spiritual esoteric schools. Additionally to rendering his twentieth century mind to the translation of ageless knowledge into contemporary terms, he developed his psychological doctrine for modern-day people and made his works available to all people. The knowledge he handed down is available to everyone today.

The issue of the problems associated with human nature has also been handed down to us by our church authorities in the concept of original sin. Extremely controversial and usually triggering heated debates the term 'original sin' is simply another name for human nature, meaning that there is room for improvement. The expression 'to sin' means to miss the mark, or to make a mistake. If someone sins, it simply means that the person made a mistake. We hear often: it is only human to make mistakes.

Regrettably, the church authorities do not give us any tools to work with in improving our human natures; instead they condemn us and threaten with hell in our afterlife. And at this point we can express our deep disappointment with the church's failure to help in creating sin-free future for humanity. We need to know that there are tools available for any genuinely interested person to start changing their own human nature, to 'weed out' those elements of their psyches which are of the past and which would not be compatible with the psychological vibrations of love, compassion, peace and harmony in the New World we are to create.

Not all people think of themselves as creators of the new life on our planet. How can they? The majority of people living in the so-called developing world continue to be threatened by war or hunger; they have to run for their lives, cross borders, seas and mountains. The remaining part of humanity is simply not aware of the new challenges. We need to again reflect on the situation we are in as a civilisation. Our next hurdle in the psychological and spiritual development is to lift ourselves up to the challenge. The New World is to be created by us: NEW PEACEFUL AND LOVING HUMAN BEINGS. No one is coming to our aid. The second coming of Christ can happen when the majority of people are in a position of transmitting Christ (love) energy through their hearts (active heart chakras). If we want to have a different life here, it is our task to create these new life circumstances.

Unfortunately, at the current level of psychological development humanity is not ready for this task. The question is: how can this current level of collective psychological and spiritual development be improved? We need to seriously consider psychological self-analysis; we need to look at ourselves and start seeing elements of our own character that have to be dealt with. A number of psycho-analytical schools is already available to those who are ready for the new step in their lives. A plethora of New Age spiritual schools and movements is already changing the face of humanity. But let us be realistic about the situation. We haven't got there yet. We are in a transition stage.

The spiritual and psychological underpinnings of the change and challenges we face are straightforward and fair; each person is endowed with most tools s/he requires to do the job and progress in their psychological development. People can do effective psychological work on themselves. Guidance will usually be required, but the person needs to find a school or a suitable therapist by themselves. And we should remember again and again, that we can only change ourselves and not others. This is very important to comprehend that no one can force another person to do this work. By making a decision whether to undergo a psychological and spiritual development people have an opportunity to truly exercise their free will.

As we can see the change of our circumstances can only come from within ourselves. And no one should allow himself/herself for a lapse of judgement thinking that yes, other people need to change, but I am all right, I do not need to do any psychological work, because I am not so bad. Any adult person living on the planet today, whether rich or poor, black or white, enjoying high status or not so high, whether s/he is a cleaner, bus driver, has a top or lowest position in a corporation or a government, whether s/he is a farmer, labourer, and any other person, now has an opportunity to transcend the lower human nature and start building the new, improved personal psychological framework.

This work is essential. We need to comprehend that there are no exceptions, if we want to create and live in a peaceful and harmonious civilisation of the future.

Danuta Nowak