Global Sustainability Newsletter

Issue 6 - April 2008


The world's tragic condition is a direct result of fragmentation in thinking of people. Because of the kind of perception tools human beings are equipped with, they see themselves as separate from other creatures on Earth, including other human beings. We do not consciously accept that life plasma is just what it really is, that we are all but different expressions of the same ONE living reality.

We are ONE. We are parts of the same WHOLE. Feelings of superiority over another person are as radiculous as if a toe in the human body felt superior over an ear. We are critical of other people for not fitting into our frameworks of thinking, and because we feel we are superior. The feeling of separation causes people to be cruel to other people, to be unkind, to be impatient and critical.

God as the Great Reality has an infinite number of expressions and it is only human vanity, which causes people to judge God's work. Let us acknowledge that the Great Reality is unfathomable for the human mind; in the current state of development we can only strive to become better aligned with the Great Reality through spiritual development. And no one should believe that simply by intellectual affinity to any system of spiritual knowledge, and reading books on the subject, they are making a substantial personal progress in this direction.

Historically, most of the systems of religious knowledge actually advocated a passive approach to spirituality. A set of rules for living was passed on to the interested people, who were expected to obey these rules, with the anticipation of a final resolution after the release of their soul from the physical dimension. But as we can see from the current developments in the world, the historical approach has proven to be grossly inadequate, because through development of science and technology, human beings have acquired the destructive powers, which are much greater than their slowly developing wisdom. Self-destruction of the entire civilisation has continued to be an imminent threat for the last fifty years. Human beings have to grow in their wisdom to save this world. Growing in wisdom is humanity's task - perhaps the most difficult tasks of all.

We live in times of great changes, including changes in mental perception and expansion in consciousness. Yes, it is true that each great traditon has something to teach us, but unless we take the task of growing in wisdom personally, and actively pursue this duty, we will contribute nothing to the changing of the destructive course of humanity. If we just wait for the change in our consciousness or the growth in wisdom to occur as an outcome of the slow evolutionary transformations, we will not see the desired results in our current life-time. These results, however, could be expected if a greater number of individual people started actively pursuing the spiritual development path today.

Every person living on the planet today, young and old, male and female, black and white, can choose to grow in wisdom. The growth in wisdom can be and ideally should be the result of a process of spiritual development. Many schools of wisdom, including a plethora of New Age schools, offer various courses, classes and advice on spiritual development. The effectiveness of these schools may differ for each individual. It is therefore very important for people to become acquainted with more than one kind of teaching and decide for themselves which school may provide best tools for their development.

Danuta Nowak